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North Mankato Family Dentistry
Drs. Angela Schuck & Keith Flack
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Modern & Convenient Technology

  • One visit porcelain crowns, partial crowns, inlays, and onlays using CEREC 3D OmniCam (Computerized CAD CAM 3D technology) without the need for impressions, temporaries, and multiple visits.  This technology actually allows us to save your enamel which means there is less need for full coverage crowns.  After old, worn out, crack causing metal mercury fillings are removed, your teeth can be re-enamelized without destroying good tooth structure
  • Laser Dentistry (DEKA CO2 Laser) which allows us to provide comfortable management of your gum tissues with impressive reduction in bleeding, discomfort, swelling, and scar formation compared to traditional treatment options.  This soft tissue laser is also used to dis-infect gum disease pockets, dis-infect root canal systems, and treat / heal oral ulcers and sores
  • Modern Root canal therapy using ROOT ZX computer apex locator with built-in quiet, reversible NiTi rotary instrumentation, ENDOSONICS, and warm sealing/condensation technique
  • Oral surgery including simple, difficult, and wisdom tooth extractions
  • Socket preservation, bone grafting, and ridge augmentation using FOUNDATION and DYNOBLAST and DIRECTGEN 


North Mankato Family Dentistry

Dr. Angela M. Schuck & Dr. Keith P. Flack
1400 Lookout Drive North Mankato, MN 56003
(507) 625-CARE (2273)

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