To Drs/ Staff at N.M.F.D.

Somehow just reimbursing you for services rendered seems inadequate, at best. Thank you so very much for all the special care you give to make my visits comfortable to me, this is simply priceless.

From the moment I call through the moment I leave the clinic- I feel welcome and important. I so appreciate modern technology and your efforts to keep procedures pain-free. It is also refreshing to see an office that is organized, prompt, and clean, and obviously has employees that enjoy their work and their co-workers.

C. Olson
St. Peter

I put off going to the dentist for many years because of the pain of just touching them.

When I was a child the dentist slapped me 'cause I was crying 'cause it hurt. He said, "it don't hurt that bad", but he did not have my mouth. When I was 23 I got a full upper plate (denture) and a partial on the bottom and never went back until I needed an anchor tooth removed. I had the oral surgeon do it 'cause they would put me to sleep.

15 years later I heard about relaxed dentistry from the radio and a couple of kids at work. I knew I needed to have things done and paid for before I retired, so I made the appointment and I had a new full upper and new partial. No Pain!. They used the "Wand" for Novocain so if there is pain you do not even know it. I even has a root canal and don't remember anything. It was Great!!

H. Hager

Dear Dr. Schuck,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent care that I received on my last dental visit. As you know I have quite a fear of dental work and the new procedure that sedated me for the procedure was more than I had hoped for. I still can't believe I slept while you worked on four separate fillings. I have a tendency to get more apprehensive about my dental appointments as I get closer to the actual date. I just knew those pills wouldn't work and I would be wide-awake during the entire procedure.

I was surprised to find my fears were unfounded and I was wrong. I felt relaxed when I came in for my appointment. One of the last things I remember is getting the laughing gas and maybe a pinch by the needle for the shots of Novocain, and the next thing I remember was waking up and the entire procedure was over. I even commented that at least you didn't have to use that "dental dam" that I despise--only to find you had used it and I wasn't even aware of it.

To other patients that have had bad memories and experiences with the dentist, I strongly recommend this procedure. I know (as well as most of your staff) any dental office visit will drive me to tears, but this sedation procedure takes all the fear and apprehension out of the visit.

J. Raether
Good Thunder

To everyone at NMFD:

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to fit me into your schedule and for the excellent care I recieved. Your entire staff was friendly and very informative. I was especially impressed to get a follow-up phone call from Dr. Flack to make sure my teeth were feeling better. Your attention to detail and genuine concern for your patients sets your head and shoulders above any other dentist I have been to.

Thank you for everything!

D. Skinner

You really don't understand!

Over the past 20 years I had grown increasingly fearful of going to the dentist. The fear was debilitating. I neglected my once beautiful smile. I would make appointments and get to the parking lot, only to turn around and go home. I was paranoid to be in "THE CHAIR". I avoided the dentist at all costs.

That was until I started hearing about sedation dentistry. It was truly what the Dr. ordered. I felt afraid, yet willing to try. I mean really, I had a good job with dental insurance and couldn't bring myself to get in the door. Many dentists promised they were different: many were friendly but didn't really "hear" me.

I found North Mankato Family Dentistry online, made an appointment and the rest is history. This is my 3rd sedation appointment here. The care and concern the whole staff has shown me has put me at ease. Around Dr. Flack I feel listened to and respected. The sedation appointments are remarkable. I don't remember a thing and recovery is even relatively painless.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

J. Johnson
New Ulm

Dear Dr. Flack

I wanted to thank you for helping me out with my tooth on Saturday evening. It is really wonderful that you made your services available to me on a weekend. I appreciate you making my experience as pleasant as possible.

R. Nickel
Mountain Lake

My visit to your office for deep cleaning and tooth extraction was a totally different experience than I had expected. Everyone from dentist to hygienist to assistants and office staff, went way beyond the usual "polite and cordial, but hurry in-and-out assembly line", to being extraordinarily patient, kind, and caring. And then, on top of that, I got a call from the dentist himself that evening to see how I was doing!! Followed by another a few days later from one of the gals!! Wow! In all of my 55 years, I've never heard of that happening to anyone.

C. Joel
North Mankato, MN

Doing sedation dentistry at North Mankato Family Dentistry has been a wonderful experience for some one who, for all of my life, dreaded going to have my teeth worked on. The day of sedation, I sleep through whatever procedure- go home, sleep the rest of the day. The next day resume normal activity without any side effects.

C. Vought

I refused to go to the dentist for 15 yrs until I had a child. Then I went for check ups only for a short time to "be a good example" for my daughter. I quit going for another 10+ yrs out of total fear of the pain and anxiety I would experience- knowing I should have some extensive work done. Once I got the nerve to call for an appt again I went to Dr. Flack knowing they did sedation dentistry. That sounded exactly what I needed. AND IT WAS! I remember next to NOTHING when I came in for a sedation appt and I have had almost ZERO pain in the days following. My teeth thank you, North Mankato Family Dentistry Team!


...I made a call for a new dentist, talked to the office staff, who were so pleasant on the phone- easy to talk to- that I decided to start coming here for my dental work.

S. Haggenmiller
Henderson, MN

To the team at No. Mankato Family Dentistry,

Thanks for taking such good care of me when I was in for a cleaning and Zoom whitening. I am still AMAZED at how white my teeth are! Everyone was so kind and attentive and professional- I felt like a queen. See you in 6 months.

D. Schoenebeck
New Prague

If ever lived a person that dreaded going to the dentist, it was me. No amount of scolding or cajoling could convince me that "it would be OK". I had often thought about sedation dentistry. The ads in magazines and on the radio sounded convincing. I did some research and finally decided to check into North Mankato Family Dentistry. Thank goodness I did!

I have since had two sedation appointments and both experiences were wonderful. I was very nervous, but am only too happy to report that I had no reason to be. The entire staff made me feel welcome and comfortable. I still can harldy believe that with just a small pill and the care and concern and skill of the dentist, the sedation experience is pain free. I now have a healthy mouth and wonderful smile and feel great about showing it off.

I am so grateful that this clinic is now a part of my life and that never again will I be scared to go to the dentist. You have my eternal thanks.

M. Blue
Morton, MN

North Mankato Family Dentistry Staff:

Not only do I feel confident in your office, I feel comfortable too. From the moment I enter the office, your staff is helpful and courteous. Your hygienists treat me with respect and even my six year old thinks the dentist is OK.

The last time I had work done at another office, I had to go back so they could fix what they didn't do right initially. Thanks for taking care of things the first time!

K. Richards
Lake Crystal, MN

Dr. Flack, Dr. Schuck, & Staff,

Thank you for making my wisdom teeth extractions a great experience. My sedation took away all my pain, fear, and anxiety. And the best part? No memory of the procedure! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends & family. Thanks again for everything.

D. Elkins
Madelia, MN

Growing up in Michigan, my parents were very diligent about getting all of us in for regular six month exams and cleanings. We didn't have dental insurance or the means for braces or anything extra. So when we needed fillings, Novocain wasn’t an option. Needless to say, my grade school through college dental experiences were extremely painful and stressful.

Now that I am in charge of my own oral health it's easy to see why the thought of dental work has brought me to tears. And for some reason Novocain does not even work with multiple injections into the same area. My last cleaning or exam was over 6 years ago and I only went to a dentist recently because a part of a tooth fell out. Even with half a tooth gone it took me over a month to get up enough courage to see a dentist. My oral health wasn't good. I needed root canals and many fillings. But my fears were put to rest, no pun intended, when I found a local dental clinic that provided sedation. They were able to complete a lot of work that needed to be done and I didn't feel any pain or have any complications with the sedation. Dr. Schuck and her staff have shown that they are confident with the training and the application of sedation.

New Ulm, MN

I had need of and I made a call for a new dentist, talked to the office staff who were so pleasant on the phone (easy to talk to) that I decided to start coming here for my dental work.

S. Haggenmiller
Henderson, MN

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