Teeth Removal

  • Comfortable tooth removal
  • Easy to Difficult tooth extractions
  • Erupted to Impacted teeth removal
  • Root removal using ACTEON PIEZOTOME CUBE with minimal to no removal of surrounding tissues
  • Root Canal Treated teeth removal
  • Wisdom Teeth removal
  • Comfort amenities such as massage pad, pillow, blanket, Bose headphone relaxation
  • Performed with ONSET Anesthetic Buffering if difficult to numb
  • Performed with THE WAND computer numbing if needle phobic
  • Performed with Nitrous Oxide if desired
  • Performed with Oral Conscious Sedation (using medication in the Valium family) if desired
  • Galileos 3D Tooth Scan diagnosed compared to only 2D
  • Bone replacement options available for optimum healing
  • Prescription healing rinse available
  • Complimentary follow up visit to ensure healing

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