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Congratulations! You chose the right dental practice since Sedation Dentistry is our niche in the entire Southern Minnesota area. Drs. Schuck and Flack and their entire dental team are highly trained and equipped to provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing dental experiences you have ever had.  All accomplished with just a pill!

Sedation dentistry is a safe, comfortable way to have your teeth cared for including hygiene cleanings and any dental work that you need or want. You won't feel any pain or discomfort – in fact, you might

not even remember the treatment you've received!

Also referred to as "oral conscious sedation," you're given a pill to take the evening before your scheduled sedation appointment. The day of your scheduled sedation appointment you will skip breakfast and take some more recommended sedation medication before your driver brings you to the office. When you arrive, you  will be escorted to the restroom first, then taken to a comfortable dental room with pillows, blankets, Bose headphones, sunglasses and monitors to keep you safe.  The doctors will evaluate your relaxation level and may sprinkle additional medication (crushed with mint)  under your tongue to enhance your sedation.  Your heart rate and oxygen levels are carefully monitored throughout the entire procedure.

Before you know it, you'll be ready to go home – with a healthy mouth and a bright smile!

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