Narrow Dental Implants

The development of long term Narrow Dental Implants now allows Dr. Flack to place anchors in the jaw during one non-invasive treatment.  The most common use for Narrow Dental Implants is the stabilization of dentures and overdentures which firmly anchor the dental prosthesis. There is no longer any need to suffer with ill-fitting, loose dentures.

What is the configuration of narrow dental implants?

A Narrow Dental Implant is a tiny dental implant (similar to a screw) that is designed to act in place of a natural tooth root.  They are generally constructed from titanium and are either sprayed with calcium phosphate, or contain it along the length of the screw portion.  The design and structure promotes quick healing and long lasting results.  The head portion of the implant looks very much like a ball or a cylinder which fits firmly into the retaining mechanism and together these structures hold the dentures at a designated level.  The dentures sit comfortably on the gum tissue and are able to withstand significant amounts of pressure and natural force.

What are the advantages of Narrow Dental Implant placement?

Narrow Dental Implants are a true innovation for people who are reluctant to have invasive dental surgery and for denture wearers.  They offer a viable treatment choice for patients who have experienced extensive bone loss and don’t require invasive surgery.  

Here are some of the other advantages associated with Narrow Dental Implants:

  • Better smelling breath.
  • Clearer speech.
  • Easier chewing and biting.
  • Easier cleaning.
  • Firmer denture fit.
  • High success rate. Less discomfort.
  • No cutting or sutures.
  • No need for adhesives or messy bonding agents.
  • No rotting food beneath the denture.
  • No slipping, wobbling or discomfort.
  • Permanent results.
  • Quick treatment time.
  • Reduced costs.

How are narrow dental implants placed?

The whole narrow dental implant placement procedure takes approximately one hour.  Generally, in the case of the lower jaw, four implants will be placed about 5 mm apart.  

In almost all cases, no stitching is required and no real discomfort is felt after the procedure.  After the denture placement procedure is complete, light eating can be resumed.  The denture can be removed and cleaned at will. Narrow Dental Implants enhance the natural beauty of the smile and restore full functionality to the teeth.

If you have any questions or concerns about narrow dental implants, please ask our team.

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